Many people have questions about Craniosacral Therapy and what it looks like. Below are some of the most common questions. If you do not find the answer to your question listed below, please use the contact form to get in touch with Christel.

What happens during a session?

You will remain dressed and on your back for about an hour with shoes, belt, and heavy jewelry off. The Craniosacral practitioner will have a light touch of about a nickel’s weight of pressure from your feet to your head as he or she diagnoses and treats the issues you bring in. Sometimes the therapist will talk during the therapy and other times will work in complete silence. It depends upon your body’s individual needs.

The work goes deeply into your nervous system, as there are no heavy pressures for your body to resist against. Kids are often finished quickly, within minutes to half an hour. While some people “feel” a lot of movement and connection during the session, others feel less. The benefits are just the same for both types of patients. After a session is finished, you will gently ease to a sitting position. We talk about your work and your goals at the session’s close and commit to a good intake of fluids. It is also helpful to keep a short journal on your body’s changes after the visit.

How will this work make me feel?

Patients say they feel amazingly relaxed, peaceful and able to function with a “clearer mind” and an ease of movement that they have lost due to illness or injury. They also feel “lots of connecting” of body parts and systems as the work goes on. The work also continues once off the table, often with feelings of release and ease in areas of restriction and pain. No one’s work is exactly the same, however, as each of us differ in many ways.

Who should use this work?

The uses for Craniosacral Therapy are numerous, from migraines and back pain, to old head injuries, pre- and post-operative joint surgeries. (See the Common Health Conditions page for a further listing.) The therapy works well on kids and infants for many issues, including colic, supporting orthodontic treatment, TMJ and other jaw issues. Craniosacral Therapy is beneficial in treating any fascial restrictions that keep people from functioning well and with ease.

How long do I do this therapy?

Everyone’s situation is unique. Some individuals have only one session while others visit multiple times. It depends largely on what we are working on and what health conditions surface. See the list of health conditions that Craniosacral Therapy treats and improves.

Do I have to take my clothes off for Craniosacral therapy?

Nope! You will remain dressed and on your back for about an hour with shoes, belt, and heavy jewelry off. The CST practitioner applies all treatment while the patient is fully clothed throughout the session.

Are there websites with more information about this work?

Yes, you may search many sites, including the Upledger Institute for more information on this wonderful therapy.

How do I make an appointment?

Go to the contact page to make an appointment with Christel.