There is not enough room to express my gratitude to Christel. For nearly six years her gifted hands have nursed me through incidents such as sudden onset of depression, blown out knees, eye and brain trauma — as well as contributing to my overall wellness.

Throughout my many challenges, the combination of her healing hands and encouraging words have given me what I needed most — hope. No matter what my situation is, she instills the belief that it will get better and that has been crucial to the healing process. My body has responded in amazing ways and that is the gift that will make a lifelong difference.  Thank you, Christel!


I have personally known Christel for over 5 years and our entire family has benefited from her skill and expertise in cranio sacral therapy.  Christel’s work has helped me to overcome past abuse that my body had trapped and she has helped me throughout my last pregnancy.  With Christel’s background in nursing, especially trauma and acute situations, she has been a go to resource on many different occasions.  When my son suffered a concussion, she was there providing cranial therapy, and along with chiropractic and nutrition we were able to see huge changes in his condition and continue to do so every single time we see her!  I would absolutely recommend Christel to anyone searching for answers to health concerns.  She is the utmost professional and with her insight into the body and how one is functioning she is the best I know! As a natural primary care provider, her expertise in this area and service has been invaluable to me personally as well as the patients whom I have referred.  Christel is simple THE BEST!

Dr. Kimberly A. Anderson, Wellness Montana

After having a hip replacement, along with a necessary blood transfusion, my body, my very cells felt like cars in a massive traffic jam on the interstate. Nothing seemed to be moving “at the cellular level.” I had swelling, fatigue, weakness and, certainly, pain.

I was fortunate to have a session of CST, focusing on lymph work. It was exactly what my cells needed as those cars on the interstate began to slowly move, first at 5 mph and with each session a little faster until traffic was moving at a normal flow. My swelling dissipated, my spongy tissue regained its integrity and my fatigue was replaced with growing energy.

The sessions of CST enhanced my own body’s work of healing and contributed to wellness throughout my rehabilitation. I would highly recommend CST as a valuable tool for overall health and healing!


I so wish there was a Christel in Atlanta. It’s been well over a year since I had regular sessions. Once again my fingers and feet are swollen despite a clean diet and exercise. Modern life is just too toxic for my lymph system. Who else has mastered that ever-so-slight touch that stimulates my lymph to drain and release its congestion?

Christel’s Craniosacral Therapy brought me to a place of such deep relaxation and peace unlike any other. It is from this place that you process your “stuff’ on cellular level – like therapy without having to talk.

One night while driving my car hit an ocean of ice and did a complete 360 leaving me feeling discombobulated – equilibrium felt really off. Christel knew exactly what to do.

-Christina P.

I have seen Christel for many years for both cranio-sacral work and lymphatic drainage.  It’s hard to imagine that such a gentle touch could make such a big difference in how you feel.

I’m not sure where to start with how she has helped our entire family.  Our children have seen her for years and she has helped our entire family with everything from headaches to bronchitis, before and after surgery treatment to keep swelling down, recovering from concussions, to pain from chronic illness, and back pain to braces.  I often book a session for a general ‘tune-up’.

The treatment Christel offers is gentle yet powerful.  I can feel the shifts in my body and the release that comes with each change.  As a nurse she has a stronger understanding than most therapists about what is happening with your body. Christel is a wonderful partner in our family healthcare.

Danielle F.

Christel’s services have literally changed my life. I came to her because of poor stress management and general health concerns. I knew from the moment she worked on me that she cared very much about my work and my progress. I also have been impressed by the extent of her expertise and professionalism — while also loving her great sense of humor! I’d recommend Christel’s therapeutic work to anyone.

-Jamie D.